Ravi Edit

Ravi [rɑvi] (also known as Ravioli, Raviolio) is a red panda, known for his many failed businesses. Ravi also has a minor addiction to strawberries.

Ravi is always happy to give and recieve hugs, cuddles, boops, and everything in between.

Ravi in full clothing. By FizzyFoxy


Ravi's tail is extra fluffy, and his ears are a bit pointier and bigger than a normal red panda's. His face has a bit more white fur than the average red panda, and his ears are white. His arms and legs are dark brown, but not completely black.

History Edit

Ravi came to planet Fuzzbuttia right before The Apocalypse, and he witnessed the creation of the new Fuzzbuttia, it's moons, the sun, and Fido. He immediately proceeded to start a marshmallow shop.

He built a marshmallow cannon, that went haywire and caused The Great 'Mallow War. The cannon was destroyed, along with the marshmallow shop.

Ravi then started a shop that sells everything, but quickly changed it to a shop that sells everything except people, paint and boulders. He called it 'The Ultimate Shop'.

The shop burned down when Zak sneezed and set everything on fire, so Ravi built a raptor-proof vending machine, the Paw-Mart. This machine is designed to be an automated and safer version of the 'Ultimate Shop', so it sells everything except people, paint and boulders. The machine is completely self-sustained, so Ravi had nothing to do. He is now Hipster Otter's cuddle slave, but he loves hugging everyone else, too.