Mr. Eto is a yellow toon cat of unknown origin. He is a highly regular attendee of the group and his trademark is his easily annoyed personality. Most notably, the group has a thing for calling him pink, which he always disapproves of.

In particular, he often endures Phelix's shenanigans, who likes to think of him as submissive and considers his life bound to tickles and hugs. Phelix also commonly ships Mr. Eto with Zak, even though he insists he has no feelings for him. Mr. Eto still says he is friends with Phelix regardless of what he may say about him though, and in times of absence he often says he misses being around him.

Despite his easily annoyed personality, he still says he's a "softy" at heart and has his moments where he shows that no matter how he may react, he's still friends at the end of the day. His favorite thing is hugging and will sometimes provide tackle-hugs when his friends least expect it.